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With our years of experience in masonry and masonry restoration, Maçonnerie Murphy is the best company to help you do your masonry restoration work. Whether it is for an industrial, institutional, commercial or residential building, you can trust us.

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What is masonry restoration?

The restoration of masonry includes all the work necessary to be carried out in the event of major defects in a construction. Masonry restoration involves restoring a building to its original appearance.

What are the stages of masonry restoration?

First, masons specializing in masonry restoration like Maçonnerie Murphy will analyze the work to be done and the masonry elements to be restored. If the appearance of cracks is noted, the size and depth must be determined; if you have swelling (or beef belly) in the roof, you have to find the cause to find the best solution and so on. Analysis is a big part of the mason’s job and all masonry work needs a full inspection.

Then, it is necessary to prepare the tools as well as the materials necessary for carrying out the work.

La préparation du terrain est naturellement l’étape suivante surtout si une partie des travaux concernent les fondations ou le remplacement de murs.

The next step is to set up scaffolding in an effort to secure the surroundings for passers-by.

It is during this stage that the bulk of the masonry restoration work is carried out. Our expert masons work hard to deliver the best masonry restoration.

Once the bulk of the masonry work has been carried out, our team of professional masons will then focus on the finishing work in order to make your building aesthetic again.

Once the masonry restoration is complete, we put everything back in order so that navigation is possible and everything is safe. We then make sure that our work gives you complete satisfaction.

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When to use masonry restoration services?

Several reasons may encourage you to resort to masonry restoration work. Several problems require masonry restoration, for example: cracks in the walls, Walls that are not waterproof or poorly insulated; Broken facings; Mortars that wear out Facade in poor condition; Roof not maintained; Major deformities like beef belly. Not only are these problems unsightly, but they can also become very dangerous for building occupants. If you notice any unusual wear on any element of masonry in your building, then you need to call in a masonry restoration expert like Maçonnerie Murphy. We will be able to carry out work regardless of the material: brick, cement, natural stone, etc.

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We make every effort to ensure that the masonry restoration work takes as little time as possible. However, each work is different and will therefore require an in-depth analysis in order to determine an approximate duration of the work.

We take every precaution to ensure that our restoration masonry work is as quiet as possible, but unfortunately this is not something that we can directly control.

Bull belly takes the form of a bump or swelling that appears in a masonry wall as the facing detaches from the structure. If left untreated, ox belly can lead to the wall that is affected by it collapsing.

Ideally, no. But whether it is residential masonry, commercial masonry or otherwise, depends on the nature of the restoration masonry work. If it is a question of brickwork or foundations then it will be necessary to leave the building. But if it’s decorative masonry or crack sealing then you can stay. It is best to contact us to find out how to proceed.

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