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What is masonry repair?

Masonry repair is necessary when masonry problems arise in your building. Whether it is swelling, worn brick joints, visible cracks or not, it is necessary to repair these problems as soon as possible. Unlike masonry restoration which aims to restore the building to its original appearance, masonry repair involves repairing problems and changing parts of the building even if it affects its original appearance.

What are the most common masonry problems?

When masonry problems arise as on stone or brick facades, they can have disastrous consequences on the building, whether it is a residence or a store for example. It is therefore necessary to call on a team of professionals like Maçonnerie Murphy. Masonry repair is not a type of work that you can do yourself.

Beef belly is a fairly common problem, the cause of which is often linked to frost. Ox belly is characterized by swelling in the roof or masonry facade. When you notice it, you should contact a masonry company like Maçonnerie Murphy immediately because it is a problem that can have serious consequences if not treated immediately.

Among the solutions that exist to fix this situation, we note the injection of mortar, the installation of screws or even metal plates. In the most serious cases, it is necessary to replace the surface concerned by the beef belly, or even consider the repair of the entire facade.

Cracks are a problem that occurs in the mortar of a brick wall. We note the existence of different types of cracks: the most common are the vertical cracks that occur after the thaw period. Mortar tends to expand from heat, causing it to crack and crack. Other cracks may also appear and have natural causes. The most common are roots that go under the building, intense humidity or even problems related to the foundations.

Like any other material, bricks wear out and it can happen that bricks crumble and need to be replaced or risk jeopardizing the integrity of a brick or stone wall.

Repair loose brick joints
Repairing loose brick joints is necessary when new mortar applied to a brick cannot adhere sufficiently. The mason must therefore dig deep in order to fill the joint with a repair mortar that contains lime. It is the presence of lime as well as the depth that will allow the mortar to adhere well and above all to protect against water infiltration by being completely waterproof.

For a good seal to shed water, it must have the proper shape that will allow it to shed water outward. This is why the joints should not be scraped, otherwise they become more porous and are sensitive to temperature variations and especially to frost which can cause them to burst.

Repair firm joints
When repairing firm brick joints, the mortar does not have to be as thick as for loose brick joints. It will in fact be able to adhere firmly to the old mortar already in place. When this situation arises, care must be taken that the mortar or concrete does not dry too quickly, otherwise it could become friable and crack again.

This is why, before laying the mortar, it is advisable to moisten the old joint as well as the brick with a masonry sealant. The latter will prevent the brick and the old joint from absorbing the water from the new mortar, which will cause it to dry too quickly and make it crumbly.

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What are the stages of masonry repair?

All masonry work, but especially masonry repair work, requires a thorough analysis of the problem in order to determine the causes. This step then allows us to propose and work to apply the best solution to the problem found.

Once the problem has been found and analyzed, we proceed to prepare the necessary tools for carrying out the work. Then comes the preparation of the ground so that we can reach the places affected by the problems such as foundation cracks. We also install scaffolding and nets if necessary to keep everything safe.

It is during this stage that we carry out the actual masonry repair work: brick repointing, crack repair, beef belly or chimney repair, etc.

When the repair work is completed, then we proceed to the finishing touches. We make sure that the work carried out is well done and will last over time.

Finally, once this is all over, we put everything back in order, plug the holes and make sure there is no danger.

masonry repair price

How much does masonry repair work cost?

In order to determine the price of masonry repair work, it is necessary to determine the nature of the work. However, we can give you an idea of ​​the prices charged.

The Quebec construction association indicates that the average hourly rate for a mason is $103.24 per hour. You can keep this in mind when getting quotes from a masonry contractor. Moreover, with this indication you will know that, even if this number can vary, if it is too low, there is a problem. If it is too high, it does not necessarily mean that the service is necessarily better.

It is important to keep in mind that masonry repair work is, most of the time, calculated on the square footage. However, masonry elements such as bricks, stones or masonry joints will be counted individually.

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Learn more about masonry repair

The duration of repair work depends on a number of factors including the nature of the work required, the scope of the task and the tools required. The easiest way is to contact us and tell us about your masonry repair needs.

It depends on the work but for the most part, during masonry repair work, it is preferable to close and leave the premises. This is often the best solution because the work takes up space and generates dust or requires dismantling certain parts of the building.

It is difficult for us to answer this question without knowing the extent of the work or its nature. It is imperative that we know more about your masonry repair needs so that we can tell you if the work will be because we will know what tools we will need.

The weather improves in the spring and this is the best time to carry out masonry repair work, especially for masonry walls. Indeed, in winter periods of freezing and thawing follow one another causing damage to stones and bricks. Temperature variations cause damage to seals, which are the first to suffer the effects. More specifically, damaged joints are prone to water leaks during the day and this same water then freezes at night and can cause the bricks or mortar to burst. This is why spring is the best time to carry out masonry repair work to protect the building from water infiltration.

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