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We offer a wide range of commercial and institutional masonry services in the Quebec region for the commercial construction industry, such as: stone or brick facade construction, exterior stone or brick cladding, masonry maintenance, waterproofing of stone foundations, installation of lead flashing, construction of stone or brick chimneys, refractory masonry, glued bricks and stones and the installation of stone panels, in granite, limestone, marble, glass block, etc.

What is Commercial Masonry?

Whether it is residential or commercial masonry, masonry concerns the part of the building work including the construction of the foundations as well as the large walls using elementary materials bound or not by a mortar, as well as the coating work (coatings and seals).

Commercial and institutional masonry therefore targets stores, offices, factories and public buildings. Whether it is at the time of the creation of the building or to carry out improvement, reinforcement, aesthetic alterations or even security work, Maçonnerie Murphy is there to help and guide you.

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How Maçonnerie Murphy can help you with your commercial masonry project?

Maçonnerie Murphy benefits from nearly two decades of experience in commercial and institutional masonry. The reputation of the company has been forged over the years on the honesty, professionalism and superior quality of the services it offers.

Today, each of the craftsmen and masons working within the company shares the same enthusiasm and the same vision of the trade. The satisfaction of hundreds of customers generates in us a feeling of pride in the work accomplished.

Whether you need to build a stone or brick facade, exterior stone or brick cladding, or masonry maintenance, you can trust us. We have the expertise, knowledge and experience to carry out this work. We also love a job well done.

Our commercial and institutional masonry services

The facade is an essential element in any construction. It is important for two reasons: it provides both protection and insulation. During the initial construction, the facade construction must respect standards but above all have sufficient insulation to protect the people inside from bad weather, especially in winter in Quebec!

Masonry Murphy can build you a stone or brick facade according to your wishes. Brick is less expensive than stone. But the stone offers a traditional and authentic side.

Masonry maintenance always begins preventively. We therefore offer this service to owners of commercial and institutional buildings. At a minimum, an annual consultation is strongly recommended in Quebec, especially in the spring to see if the structure has been affected by the winter that has just passed.

The installation of exterior cladding is essential and not only for an aesthetic appearance. The exterior wall cladding protects the building from the weather. The choice, although aesthetic, therefore depends on the climatic conditions of the region. When buying, you must therefore take into account the standards in force in your municipality, durability and, of course, your budget.

Foundation waterproofing is often neglected by builders in favor of simple tarring. Although it is an economical solution, it will not resist cracking or damage over time. In addition, it will not effectively protect the building in the event of the constant presence of water as well as humidity around the foundations. Foundation waterproofing is the only way to counter these situations. This is lifetime protection for your building as well as the best choice for your health.

A flashing is the finish applied at the edge (side) of a roof as well as against a wall. It is installed for its waterproof properties. It can be made of zinc (made to measure by the zinc worker), mortar or lead. It is the latter material that we prefer at Maçonnerie Murphy for its waterproof properties and low cost. A lead flashing, also called a “lead skirt”, is fixed to the wall with fixing pegs above the tiles. Lead flashings can be installed on round tiles as well as on flat tiles.

At Maçonnerie Murphy, we are able to build you the best stone or brick fireplaces on the market. We are able to build you different types of chimneys: double-walled insulated chimneys, condensation chimneys, etc.

We speak of refractory masonry when we use refractory materials, that is, materials that resist very high temperatures. Brick, steel, silica, magnesia, alumina, or even graphite are examples of refractory materials. Indeed, even at very high temperatures, they cause no chemical reaction with the materials around them.

The installation of stone, granite, limestone or even marble panels is one of the last touches brought to your commercial or institutional building. These are above all architectural and aesthetic elements that have very little impact on the life of the building.

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commercial masonry prices

How much do our commercial and institutional masonry services cost?

It is difficult to give an estimate of commercial masonry costs because each construction is different. In addition, the needs of each client are different and we know how to adapt to different realities. The best way to get an estimate is to contact us directly to submit your project and your expectations. We will then be able to tell you what needs to be done (façade, interior walls, masonry restoration, joint repair, etc.) and the price of the work. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Commercial Masonry - Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the type of commercial masonry work you need. If it is heavy commercial construction then it will have to close. But if we can do our work with little impact on your daily life, then you can stay open.

Absolutely! When we put up scaffolding, we also erect walkways. We also set up protective nets to protect passers-by and your customers.

It’s hard to say how long commercial masonry work can last. Each commercial construction is unique and requires specific needs. Also, it depends on the nature of the commercial masonry work required. The best way to estimate the duration is to contact us and tell us about your needs. Thus, we will have all the elements to give you an answer for your specific case.

In Quebec, any construction or building of at least 5 floors must be checked and maintained periodically, so that safety but also its aesthetics are always optimal.

Régie du bâtiment Québec # 5595-4176-01
Contractor in good standing with the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail, CSST
Civil insurance and surety

Absolutely. Masonry contractors are contractors like any other and must hold all state licenses and certifications necessary to practice their trade: masonry construction.

At Maçonnerie Murphy, we have the following accreditations:

Régie du bâtiment Québec # 5595-4176-01
Contractor in good standing with the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail, CSST
Civil insurance and surety

Conventional masonry materials include brick, concrete block, natural stone, and cut stone, as well as traditional stucco which is applied over a concrete masonry base.

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