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You can save time and money on your masonry projects by using custom designed brick and stone arches from Maçonnerie Murphy Inc., which are ready to install and delivered to your door. Moreover, our service extends beyond the arches. If necessary, we can manage the installation procedure on your behalf. To ensure superb masonry that will last for years, we only use the best materials. Years of experience and unparalleled craftsmanship define our team of skilled masons. You can be assured that Maçonnerie Murphy Inc. will carry out your masonry projects with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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What is the cut
of a masonry arch?

Using materials like stone, mortar, and cement, masonry arch cutting is a process used to create an arched opening in a wall or ceiling.

The size and positioning of the stones must be done with great care and precision so that they fit together precisely and support the weight of the bow. Buildings like churches, castles and bridges have all been constructed of masonry and brick over the years.

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What types of arch cut are there?

Bullet, horseshoe, brace, and flat arches are just a few examples of the different arch cuts. The horseshoe arch has a U-shaped curve, while the pointed arch stands out for its pointed shape. The top of the reward bow, often referred to as a “broken” or “barbed” bow, is steeply angled. These different arch cuts can give a building more visual appeal and personality. They are employed in a variety of architectural styles.

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Cutting a masonry arch includes the following steps:

Preparation of materials: Tools such as masonry chisels and trusses are used to cut the stones, as well as the selection of appropriate stones and mortars for the construction of the arch cut.
calculation of the length and width of the cutout opening of the arch: measure the opening and mark the reference lines at ground level which will serve as a guide for the construction of the arch.
laying foundation pillars: placing support stones, which are the stones on either side of the arch entrance that support the weight of the arch.
Construction of the buttress: Placement of the stones that support and stabilize the arch. Scaffolding can be used to access the upper stones for this phase.
The stones of the vault are installed: Laying of the stones that make up the vault. To fit together precisely, these stones must be cut and shaped.
Filling gaps and finishing: To create a smooth, even surface, fill the spaces between the stones with mortar and mortar joints before sanding and finishing the entire structure.
Final examination and removal of the scaffolding: After making sure that the arch is straight and solid, it will be time to dismantle the scaffolding.

Why choose Maçonnerie Murphy for your masonry needs?

You don’t need to go any further than Maçonnerie Murphy for expert arch cutting services! Our team of skilled masons is committed to meeting deadlines and delivering projects of the highest caliber. No matter the size or shape of your arches, we guarantee precise, clean cuts using the latest technologies and methods.

For all your arch cutting needs, choose us because of our affordable prices and top-notch customer service. Trust the professionals at Maçonnerie Murphy to make your vision a reality and carry out your project.

Price of an arch cut

How much does the arch cut cost?

Although Maçonnerie Murphy sells ready-made arches in stone or brick, it is difficult to give you a quote without first knowing the size you need, the area available and the style of arch you choose. The easiest way to request a quote from us is to contact us and tell us about your arch cutting needs.

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Learn more about cutting masonry arches.

The technique of carving arches into walls, bridges and other constructions is known as arch cutting. Bridges, buildings, and tunnels are just some of the places where arches are used. They are also a fundamental part of many architectural styles. Due to their distinctive shape, which evenly distributes weight and allows the construction of strong and sturdy structures, arches are capable of supporting high weights and heavy loads.

Arch cuts come in a variety of forms, such as masonry, brick, and stone arches. Brick, stone, and mortar are typically used to create masonry arches, which are frequently used in the construction of bridges and buildings. Similar arches called brick arches are frequently used in residential construction, but are made entirely of brick. On the contrary, stone arches are created from natural stone and are applied to a variety of constructions, such as bridges, buildings and ancient buildings.

In the construction industry, the stability of arched structures is crucial and rigorous analysis is often required to ensure their long-term stability and long service life. To determine the impacts of weathering and other influences on the structure, this may involve the use of numerical models and biological studies.

Due to its unusual design, which evenly distributes weight and allows the creation of strong and secure structures, arches are crucial in the construction industry. Since they can support heavy weights, they are ideal for use in bridges, buildings and other constructions.

Preparing the materials, estimating the height and width of the opening, laying the retaining stones, constructing the arch ribs, laying the arch stones, filling voids and carrying out the final inspection are typical phases of the construction of an arch.

Masonry arch, brick arch and stone arch are some common varieties of arches. Depending on the needs of the project, each arch style is employed in a different setting and has distinctive qualities of its own.

When building arches, stability is a major consideration as they must be able to withstand huge loads of weight for a long time without collapsing. Therefore, thorough research and planning is essential to ensure the long-term stability of arched buildings. Additionally, the quality of the materials used in the cut of the arch is crucial as poor quality bricks, stones, and mortars can lead to issues such as cracks and other damage over time.

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Masonry Murphy provides other services

To meet all your needs, Masonry Murphy offers a wide variety of masonry services, including masonry repair, masonry restoration and even facade inspection. For all your masonry needs, you can count on us.

Maçonnerie Murphy is pleased to offer businesses and institutions in the region its excellent commercial and institutional masonry services. Our team of skilled and trained masons are committed to delivering the highest quality masonry work on time. You can count on Maçonnerie Murphy for all your major masonry projects.

Homeowners in the area can count on Maçonnerie Murphy to provide reliable masonry services. Our team of talented and dedicated masons promise to deliver top notch work and quick results. Call Masonry Murphy when you need trustworthy masonry services.

Do you need quick and skilled masonry repairs? Murphy Masonry is available to help you! Your masonry repair needs can be met by our group of qualified masons. Whether it’s cracks, water damage or another aspect of masonry, we are equipped to make the necessary repairs efficiently and correctly.

Call on Maçonnerie Murphy to restore the architectural elements of your home to their former glory. We are a recognized masonry company in Quebec and we are very proud of the team of ardent masons who dedicate their time to providing top notch masonry restoration services. For all your masonry repair needs, Maçonnerie Murphy is there with exceptional customer service and affordable rates.

Contact Maçonnerie Murphy if you need to cut stone for your renovation or construction projects. Using the most modern methods and tools, we produce an accurate and careful cut regardless of the size or shape of the stone. Count on Maçonnerie Murphy for all your stone cutting needs and benefit from our excellent customer service and affordable prices.

A trusted masonry company, Maçonnerie Murphy, is available to assess the facade of your building. Our group of qualified masons is committed to providing excellent facade inspection services. Using the latest tools and techniques, we try to assess the stability of your facade and spot any potential problems before they get worse. Trust Maçonnerie Murphy to look after the exterior of your home and benefit from our excellent customer service and competitive rates.

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