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Masonry Murphy Inc. is a Quebec company, dynamic and passionate about the ancient art of masonry. We practice our trade as masons and bricklayers with the greatest pride. Masonry Murphy Inc. is proud of its participation in any masonry project in Quebec that is entrusted to it and ensures the complete satisfaction of its customers. In order to achieve excellence, passion is an essential element, something that every mason or bricklayer working within the Maçonnerie Murphy inc. team possesses.

Looking forward to sharing our passion for masonry with you!

Why choose Maçonnerie Murphy as a masonry contractor?

With extensive experience and European know-how, Maçonnerie Murphy inc. performs work of exceptional quality in compliance with the rules of the art and with its clients in the Quebec region and throughout the province. We treat every masonry, bricklaying, stone cutting, facade and stone or brick wall repair, arch cutting or facade inspection project with the utmost care, no matter the size.

The laying of stones or bricks is a serious business, and it is important for Maçonnerie Murply to guarantee a quality construction, repair or rehabilitation of masonry. Indeed, we never compromise on the quality of the masonry and bricklaying services we provide, while respecting everyone’s budget.

Residential masonry

We offer masonry services (laying stone, laying bricks, repairs and more) for individuals. Let our team of masons and bricklayers work on your house in Quebec with confidence!

Commercial and institutional masonry service

Maçonnerie Murphy supports all your masonry projects on commercial or institutional buildings. Stone or brick facade repair, new construction, installation of stone panels: our teams of masons have the experience and equipment necessary for exceptional results.

Masonry repair in Quebec

Several factors can affect the quality of the masonry, for example water infiltration. Working with masonry contractors is the best way to find the cause of damage and prevent future problems. Contact us for a free estimate!

Size of stones

Count on a team of experienced stonemasons in Quebec with Maçonnerie Murphy. We offer bespoke stone cutting services for all your architectural projects: let us help you accomplish your vision with our stone cutting service.

Masonry restoration

Restore your stone and brick walls to their original beauty with the restoration services of Maçonnerie Murphy. We have worked on heritage sites and accomplished historic restoration projects with success: Maçonnerie Murphy is the perfect choice for you!

Arch cut in Quebec

Our arches are pre-cut to your specifications and needs for quick and efficient installation. Save time and money on your masonry project with Maçonnerie Murphy arch cutting services.

Facade inspection

Masonry Murphy Inc. collaborates with building owners, architects and engineers to facilitate the facade inspection process in accordance with RBQ Law 122. We provide the equipment and qualified personnel to ensure safe access to the stone or brick facade.

We provide masonry expertise for complete facade inspections!

The importance of working with an experienced mason

It is very important to ensure the quality of a mason. Poorly mixed or poor quality mortar can crumble after only a few months. Improper installation of anchors can make them unsafe and dangerous. An improper block of stone or brick can allow moisture to penetrate the walls and lead to early decay. To avoid major problems, renovations involving masonry should always be left to a masonry contractor!

Hiring the best mason available ensures that your masonry investment lasts for the long haul. We are confident that Maçonnerie Murphy is an excellent choice for your masonry projects in Quebec!

What are the most common masonry problems?

Efflorescence occurs on brick walls, as they are often made of limestone and mortar. Lime and cement-based materials, such as concrete and plaster, may also show signs of efflorescence. In order to avoid any problems, make sure your home is properly moisture proofed. If water enters your home through cracks in the foundation, it can lead to efflorescence issues.

If you see a strange bulge in a brick wall (similar to a bubble), check for a water leak. Once you have discovered the potential presence of an ox belly, you should immediately contact a mason so they can assess whether it will be necessary to rebuild the entire brick wall or just repair the damaged section. If you don’t get them involved right away, the damage could get worse.

If you notice any signs of deterioration, such as crumbling mortar, then you will need to take immediate action to fix them before they get worse. Contacting a masonry contractor is the best solution to repair the damage, but also to identify the cause.

Over the years, the bricks can wear out due to changes in temperature or other factors. If they appear damaged, but there is no evidence of damage under them, then it is possible to replace the items that need to be.

A cracked wall may indicate the presence of a belly, but it is not necessarily the only reason for the cracking. It may indicate something else, such as a problem with the foundation or the building settling.

Mold can cause serious problems if not treated immediately. For example, if mold has penetrated walls and openings, deep cleaning may be required. On the other hand, if the mold is only superficial, a simple wiping of the surface may be sufficient. To avoid recurring problems, it is important to identify the cause of the mold so that it does not return.

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